GG`S Ballade

   (translation from Ghugushatiah language)

                 Тo mister McBruitte from doctor Esmueus

How much sadness in autumn conceiving,
How much sorrow so secret for us
Аnd you go by the road and you’re thinking
Of life’s end, of this time that is last.

Maybe you will be lonely, so lonely
In that day when you’ll meet your decease
And you’ll not speak some
                                   answer to someone
On the brink, on last edge of abyss

Or the death see – you’re carefull
                                             and peaceful
With your kinsmen and children and wife,
You have time, you’ll tell
                                something to children,
And five minutes will mirror your life.

Or he'll quasi by accident slaughter
Kill you with his such terrible scythe,
Last ‘unfi…’, it still longer will flutter
It will flutter above after this.

Maybe, lifetime will cease at your dreaming
At daybreak you can’t open your eye,
And all deeds that you
                                   worked with diligence
Will not never begin by this time.

And whatever in your lifetime happened
You must know that your death isn’t far,
Everytime you must complete your doing,
You must stay, calmly stay where you are.
                                   перевод Вадима Николаева
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